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The BULK PRICING page has been corrected, so you should receive the discounted price after entering the 5th bar.

We will continue to watch the market prices, and keep you informed.

UPDATE ON SHIPPING PRICES: USPS PRICES WERE PERMANTELY RAISED IN JANUARY 2022 TO THE POINT IT WAS COSTING US A MINIMUM OF $1.45 UP TO $6.04 ON PACKAGES BEING SHIPPED OUT.  Unfortunately, we can no longer continue shipping without raising our prices, therefore beginning MARCH 1, 2022 shipping prices will be raised to $8.50 ($1 more, but still less than what we are charged.  Again, we are sorry to have to pass this cost on to you, our loyal customers. 

You can find us at the Concord Farmers Market most every Saturday morning from 8:30-noon, on Capitol St downtown Concord, NH from May 1st - end of October.

Downtown Concord Winter Farmers' Market is back @ 7 Eagle Sq in Concord, NH ea Sat from Nov 6th thru April 30th from 9am - noon

New products coming soon featuring raw organic shea butter, mango butter, and more..

Clayton's Way Farm Soap's, crafted by Richard Gunn, the fourth generation of a NH farming family steeped in New England tradition since 1886.  The memory, spirit and integrity of Clayton Gunn, Rick's dad, has been the inspiration behind Clayton's Way farm and the development of Clayton's Way Farm Soaps. 

Clayton's Way Farm products include over 50 varieties of bar soap, our own felted soaps, Shea butter, natural pumice stones.  

Calendula and Coap 

The Gunn property is nestled among preserved acres of farmlands, fields, and peaceful woodlands in central New Hampshire. 

 CWF Soaps are made using the cold process technique.  Much time, research and testing has gone into the combination of base oils we use, therefore giving us the confidence that our soap will provide the best possible benefit for your skin.  To the soap base, we add 100 % pure plant essential oils, natural ingredients, beneficial herbs & flowers, many of which are grown and harvested from our own gardens. 

A small part of our soap varieties are made with fragrance oils, which are synthetic.  These are listed in their own category for your consideration. 

No dyes, oxides, preservatives or animal fats are used. We do not test on animals (other than our own - Lucky Dog).  

 Soaps may vary in color from batch to batch due to oils, ingredients, and even certain conditions at the time they are made.  Yellowing over time is a natural occurrence, and does not affect the goodness.  Our bars weigh a generous 4.5 - 5 ounces; and are cured a full 3 weeks before being sold.

Please click on the "Ordering Information" page at the top to understand how to order with the best savings.  Unfortunately at this time, we do NOT ship internationally.

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Rick & I are proud, and extremely honored to have recently had our soaps selected, and to be Supporting Members of The League of NH Craftsmen in 2018.

                                  Rick & Sheryl

      NH Made