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Wednesday July 12, 2017

My husband just asked me to add that he works outdoors for the Turnpike in another state has had absolutely NO ticks on him this year since he's been using these soaps. He can't say the same for his co-workers.


Tuesday April 11, 2017

I came across Clayton's Way Farm while in search of baby shower favors that folks might actually enjoy. I emailed Sheryl and she responded quickly and was on it immediately. I sent a picture of the invitation and she created adorable personalized labels which included my future grandaughters name and the colors of the labels and materials matched the colors I was using for the shower. Needless to say all in attendance raved about these soaps. I thought my idea might turn into one more stress on my list that wouldn't happen. Thankfully it did not. Sheryl knew exactly what I was hoping for. A few text/emails with suggestions from her and the next thing I know they are being delivered to my home! She took care of everything! The biggest hit of the shower was the least stressful for me.I was super proud to display these soaps. By the way they are wonderful and last. Thanks again Sheryl!

L Gartland

Wednesday March 15, 2017

"My entire family loves Clayton's Way soaps, and we haven't bought commercial soaps since we discovered them! The scents are wonderful - soothing, clean and fresh, never overpowering or competing. There are so many different varieties to choose from, and we have never found one we don't love! Even my nine year old asks me, "Mom, when are we getting more of that soap?"

Eve Tramunt

Sunday March 12, 2017

As a french woman living in nyc, i always used to bring back soap from Parisians pharmacies. But not anymore, since I’ve discover your wonderful soaps!! I received my order very quickly, they smell heavenly! I used to have a skin allergy and by using the soap (tea tree numeric and goat milk soap) my skin is healthier and my complexion is better. Rick and Sheryl add kindly an extra soap :)) I will definitely order again. MERCI !


Wednesday September 14, 2016

I discovered Clayton's Way Farm at a Farmer's Market in New Boston, NH and that was a few years ago, their Goat Milk soap is the best, they do it right!! Every time I open a bar of soap I am opening a gift, I can't sing their praises enough, thank you Rick and Sheryl!


Sunday April 17, 2016

I had been looking for a certain scent of soap for about 10 years ( I am very sensitive to smells.) I finally found it with the Clayton's Way soaps at the New Boston Christmas fair!!!! Very nice soap, good lather and leaves a nice feel to the skin. Using Patchouli Lavender Goat Milk & Shea. I will be coming to get another bar soon!

Barbara C

Friday January 15, 2016

I developed eczema on my hand when pregnant with my first over 4 years ago. I've since purchased numerous creams, made dietary changes, and even met with a dermatologist with no relief. I recently bought the unscented Shea Butter at a local fair and am so happy with it. I finally have something that not only soothes my eczema but has healed it as well. Thank you so much!

Cathy G

Friday October 9, 2015

These are the best soaps ever! I look forward to each order and trying out new fragrances each time.

Colby Curran

Tuesday June 9, 2015

I started using these soaps a few years ago after purchase at the Warner Fall Foliage Festival. I could not believe how wonderful my skin felt and the most amazing part was the acne that for some reason had come back in my adult life had disappeared. No need for harsh chemicals or ridiculously expensive treatments. This stuff works miracles and I will never use anything else!

Sue Ramos

Monday May 26, 2014

My daughters mother in law has really bad psoriasis and shevusedbyour soap and what a difference. Her skin has all healed up. She gave a bar to my son who also has psoriasis and what a difference. I recommend this soap, it truely is a great product.


Wednesday December 5, 2012

I bathed my two beloved pups in a bar of Lucky Dog this morning . It was wonderful- lathered up beautifully. Their coats are soft and smell so naturally beautiful . I'll never buy shampoo in a bottle again!!! Thanks!

Sandy Yurmonovich

Friday September 7, 2012

Just received my order of soaps, and VERY pleased! They smell heavenly! My order was handled quickly and shipped promptly; I will definitely order from them again. Thank you!

Rachel Cisto

Tuesday December 6, 2011

I have a bar of Orange Lavender Goat's Milk and a chunk of Fresh Lilac in my dorm room. They both smell wonderful. And I've stopped using the soap in the bathroom...I carry yours instead! It's a nice reminder of home.

Joan Kazanowski

Thursday November 17, 2011

I LOVE Clayton's Way Farm soaps which I discovered during my summer in NH. I order them to have all year through. This order, I tried The Healing Neem Skin Bar, because I've heard interesting facts about neem. It's a pleasure and its helped my family's difficulties with athlete's foot, and exzema. I also like that it's a natural insect repellant, a necessary this year in Florida!..Thank you dedicated working Gunn's. jk

Jan B.

Thursday September 29, 2011

Love your soap, I first tried it when I broke my wrist and got fracture blisters, and a friend gave me a bar to try. It worked great on the fracture blisters within a few days they were healed. I happen to read about the Neems soap on your website and saw it was good for eczema, which I get from time to time, so I used it on my eczema and it cleared that up. I got the Jewelweed Calendula for a friend for poison ivy, which he said was very soothing for the ivy and helped. I just recently had another flair up with the eczema, and did not have any Neems left but did have the Jewelweed Calendula and am using it now, it is healing the eczema and is very soothing too. Great soap!!!