#OBShea2oz Outdoor Blend Shea Butter

Atlantic Rose refined Shea butter in an "Outdoor" Blend.  Certified non-gmo.  2 oz jar.  This blend of Shea butter and essential oils is perfect for time spent outdoors during warmer weather....apply before doing outside chores, gardening, or great to use when camping.  The eo blend is a Deet alternative to assist in keeping insects away.

Ingredients:  A blend of fractionated coconut oil, catnip flower oil, ylang flower oil, cedarwood bark oil, patchouli leaf oil, bergamot fruit oil, geranium leaf oil, fir needle oil, sandalwood oil, amyris wood oil, benzoin wood oil, rose flower oil, labdanum flower oil, & vanilla fruit extract....all in refined Shea butter.

This blend is from The Perfumery, Charlestown, IN

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