Felted Soaps

Felted soap is one of our nutrient rich bars encased in 100% pure wool roving.  The process when complete, leaves the bar of soap permanently, and tightly enclosed in the wool.

To use the felted soap - simply wet, rub between hands to get the lather going, then use in place of a face/body cloth or scrubbie. Rinse, and squeeze extra water from the bar before storing on a dry surface.

Felted soap will last a long time.  As the soap shrinks, so does the wool.  Because felted soaps will exfoliate and sluff-off dead skin, it is recommended that bars be used until gone then a new one purchased.  However if you are crazy about re-cycling, once the soap has been used, the wool can be washed well, the pouch slit open, another bar added, or used to make a catnip toy,  a sachet filled with dried herbs, or other clever ideas you can think of.  DO NOT GIVE TO SMALL CHILDREN.

Each felted soap is unique in itself, and no two are alike.  All felted soaps are $14.00 each, and availability may be limited.     Please allow 2 to 3 wks for felted soaps.  Due to labor and cost of materials, felted soaps DO NOT QUALIFY for the discounted, or bulk pricing".  Please e-mail if you have questions.

Felted Soaps...you choose the variety
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#FLT29 Felted Soaps...you choose the variety

Any soap can be felted, but the "smooth" soaps (those without herbs, oats, etc) are best as the organic material will not collect in the fibers of the wool.

Each felted soap is unique, no two will be identical. Colors may be suggested and I will do my best to accommodate but requested colors are not guaranteed. 

Please keep in mind some dark roving may bleed the first few times it is used and white roving is not an option as the primary color due to availability.